Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Cyberpnk is post the novel, so it shouldn't be the measure of the novel. It shouldn't interfere with the ideas in the novel. Gibson was thinking cyberspace, Bob Marley, etc, and so the ideas were floating around in his head about living in cyber.

The connection with red light districts--an underworld of unseemly dealings, mishmash between east-west cultures,

Zion: Maelcum is and

The power behind the throne, matriarch: mother and grandmother of 3jane creates and activates the system that bears Wintermute...introduces the idea of AI. The human and the prosthetic addition of a machine.
The merger of the two AIs creates personality
Wintermute had to focus through other people's personas...the Neu is able to combine with him to become a personality. The machine becomes human in a positive way... a power balance is created when a human becomes machine rather than machine becoming human like AI. A frightening vision of power

Molly is given power, but with the stereotypical subordinate qualities--claws, glasses (hide her inner self), but she is also a ninja assasin, whos exists for a while as a puppet. But she was violated by habing her consiouness so she could get through sexual encounters without her knowing. She is constatly raped..an equivical figure, given power, but taken away (the power is).

Similar to Consuelo, who lives in two worlds

The attempt to create a woman of Power is constantly undercut, perhaps unconsiously

Riviera is pure magic; telepathic and part of teh tradition of sf

The number of borders that get crossed are numerous...the borders between life and death; personality consruct; machine crosses into humanity

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